Friday, November 11, 2016

It's Here! 2017 Creative Planner

My creative planner is just a little something to get you started. A basic format with some color. You fill in the details.

I do date the monthly pages, located at the front of the planner this year. I do not date the weekly pages. You can do that yourself by rubber stamping numbers, or using stickers. I like to use stickers and you can purchase some in my shop. I always add a little something to my orders, so you just might find some stickers and other ephemera to use if you opt in and purchase a planner. If you have the right size circle punch (or don't mind cutting by hand), you can purchase a digital download of the date stickers to cut and glue into your planner.

I print, cut and bind these planners on my own. I currently have one copy ready to ship. Once it is gone I'll make the planners as orders come in.

Here's what it looks like:

Lined pages can be found at the front/back of planner, as well as in between the monthly/weekly pages.

NOTE: Monthly page is HORIZONTAL. It's easy-peasy to turn & fill. Each square measures 1".

Each week has a few words of inspiration.
There's a little ghosting, but once you fill it in, you can't see it. I didn't really notice it until I took these photos. Most of the pens I use ghost a little bit, but I haven't experienced any bleeding. These include FLAIR pens, Sharpie (non-paint) pens, Uniball Singno's, water color pens (I use these to color my doodles) and fountain pens I use for writing on occasion.

I enjoy using stickers, washi tape, and photos in my planner. I also glue-book. Traditional water color will wrinkle and warp the pages, but I generally do not mind as I include so many other elements to my pages. My planner often becomes more of a "what I did" book, than a "what I have to do book."

Here's a sampling of what my pages look like when I'm done:

Ooops. I forgot that quote had some cursing in it. Now you want to find it, don't you?

Some of my pages have been re-bound as I made changes....washi borders will not be in purchased planners.

If you have any questions regarding my planner, please feel free to email me.


The other day Effy Wild did a post she called a Purse Dump. This inspired me to do something similar.

I'm going to purge...something....I don't know what. The junk drawer? A lot of stuff has been piling up on me this year. I was almost about to call it a wash; a complete waste. But, it's that time of year...out with the old, in with the new.  

* Depression
* Distractions
* Busy work
* Packing
* Moving
* Unpacking. You can read a bit about the last three here.
* Cramming a 120-130 square foot studio space into a 49 square foot area
* Constantly rearranging things to make living & arting work
* Started pen journaling again
* Read the Divergent Series + a companion book titled Four 
* Reinstated my Ancestry account and got lost in census records
* Lost a friend as she "slithered off" {her words} to her next big adventure

We moved into our new home the beginning of June and I still feel as though I am swimming in piles of stuff. The process is down to the final details, but if not for art journaling, I'd have lost my mind.

ashamed/my story was born/tempted to run away/I tell you 

Last night I couldn't sleep so I signed up for three online art workshops/classes I have had bouncing around my head. I couldn't pick just one so went for it all:: Life Book 2017, The Soul Bearers (this one starts in just a few days), and Let's Face It 2017.

Friday, January 1, 2016

#52motleyjournalpages: 39-52, Mixed Media

I have been making a conscious effort to art journal the past few months. In October of 2015 I decided to forgo the bound book and began using loose pages I'd cut to approximately 7" x 10" size. It seems to be working and makes art journaling a lot easier for me. For now the pages hang on a beaded wire I have strung across my art loft. I will bind them myself...eventually. I haven't decided if I shall bind them monthly or quarterly, or seasonally....time will tell. I'll know when I know.  :)

Without further ado, here are my final 14 art journal pages for 2015.

it's really hard NOT to put words on a page 
one of my favorites

another favorite

i drop a lot of balls...obviously. :)