Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome! Let the Adventure Begin!

I'm sure this new adventure will be full of twists, and turns, and ups and downs, bouncing this way and that....but let it begin!

I'm pondering my routine and contemplating my schedule and compiling lists of projects, and regular blog journeys.  I thought about just changing the name on all current accounts, but some will be better left alone while another begins anew.  My blog being one of those things.  So bare with me as I gather my wits about me and adding links, and tabs, and pages, etc.

I know, most folks release something new all ready to rock and roll, but I've decided to use my learning as a way for others to learn what not to do.  LOL.  I'm probably doing everything backwards, but that's how I roll.  I'm starting with the easier stuff first and then tasking myself with all the legalities.

The first thing I've done is to try and have my domain redirected here.  Or is it have here redirected to my domain?  I dunno, but we'll soon find out how it works and if it works.  I am a natural blond after all.  It's really hard to say what will happen.  :)

So, welcome!  Welcome to a new beginning, a new year and all the anticipation and excitement that comes with it!

Welcome to Motley Turtle Arts!  Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!  May your 2015 be filled with arty messes & magical moments prancing around flinging glitter and joy.


(ooo, must remember how to add signature)