Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mixed Media Butterfly :: A Motley Original

Near the end of last year an art friend asked if I'd like to trade an original piece of art for an original piece of art. I was honored and happily accepted her invitation.

It took me until April to get something made for her. I'd made several attempts at something, but I really can't make things on purpose. There is never a plan in my art. It's always "Let's try this and see what happens."

That's how this butterfly came to be. There are a whole lot of layers in this piece (I neglected to take process photos).  There's a lot of I don't like that, let's cover it up. Or, That didn't work, gesso here, drip more ink over there.

  • There are layers of acrylic paint (Golden Fluid), some diluted with water to create drips and splatters.
  • Layers of stenciling (Tim Holtz Harlequin).
  • Layers of scribbles with a uni-ball signo 207 pen (I keep the Bold, Micro and standard on hand--available at most retailers selling office supplies).
  • Rubber stamped words and stamped shapes with my own carved stamps, 
  • doodles with Sharpie water-based paint pens (I keep medium, fine, and extra fine points in white and black on hand) 
  • and some enhancing with Black Stabilo pencil (I use black the most, but also keep brown and white on hand. Blends easily with smudge stick and is water soluble). 
  • There's probably a bit of Liquitex acrylic ink dripped in the mix too (I use black and white the most, but keep other colors on hand).

I'll be putting prints and post cards in the shop after some digital editing. :)

**A note about links: I typically buy from DickBlick. This doesn't mean you can't find these items elsewhere online.**

I think this is the first original piece I've shared since becoming Motley Turtle Arts! There are more in the waiting room. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

52 Motley Journal Pages:: #10-14

Wonky is my middle name. Black gesso, white water based sharpie paint pen

Happy Wednesday!  {{Happy Thursday! to my email subscribers}} I've had some journal pages in wait. While I haven't been showing up to share my journal pages, or a variety of other projects, I have been keeping myself occupied and side tracked with playtime in the art loft and a myriad of details for the end of my daughter's high school days.  I also have some things for the shop that are waiting to be listed.

acrylic paint, acrylic ink and sharpie paint pen (water based)

Fighting For Balance. It seems I'm always doing this. Struggling between the needs, shoulds and the have-tos and trying to balance them with the wants. There is a level of guilt either way. Something always has to go. I find myself often uttering "I'm tired" and "I need more time." Knowing full well that the tired comes from not taking care of myself and the need for more time would only lead to a need for more time. It's a never-ending cycle. I resist making long lists, particularly when I feel a wave of overwhelm coming because I have too many things floating through my mind. At the same time I am almost always forgetting something. There's also the guilt factor when making the ginormous list because I fail to cross it all off in some unrealistic time span.  That leads to beating myself up and an unstoppable wave of depression.

I've been thinking a lot about balance and contemplating creating a schedule for myself. I resist those too, for pretty much the same reason. Guilt of it not working, or failing to stick with it because I set unrealistic goals.

acrylic paint, water, sharpie paint pens (water based)
I use gesso on virtually every page

I often default to flowers and circles when my creativity is blocked, I think I have screwed up or struggling to name whatever it is I'm feeling in the moment. They tend to all look the same. Need to work on that. :)

I was never one for birds, but I have developed a fondness for them over the past couple of years. I tend to doodle them the same way (just like I do my flowers) and I am now trying to expand and make them a little quirkier. They also remind me that I'm not your ordinary bird...and that's okay.