Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again! Planner Time! {updated photos 12/1/2015)

Happy Day to you!

While I haven't been blogging, I have been busy in the studio. I've made some new original art you can find in my Etsy Shop, as well as art journaling.

This post is all about the 2016 Planner I now have available for purchase to document your beauty-full, messy, motley life. It measures approximately 7" x 8.5" in diameter and consists of about 150 pages.

The cover is a blend of two pieces of art; an original canvas piece and a scan of my under paper. It's messy and fun and is printed on flexible #130 card stock. Durable, but not too heavy. The back cover is hardcover chip board for stability and lap writing. :)

Inside the cover you will find a laminated piece of art to hold strips of your favorite washi tape or post it notes.

This year I have added page tabs on the monthly pages. They are printed on weather and tear resistant sticker paper. They aren't too rigid, flexible and thin, but I just love the quality of this paper. It really holds up.

Also new this year, a vertical month layout. I've seen it used elsewhere and it is a little strange to get used to, but I am having fun with it. I wanted to have the entire month on one page. And with creative planning, you can turn your planner around and work in different directions. Each square is one inch in diameter; perfect for my square inchie stickers. But don't fret....

a tradition horizontal month is also offered as an option if you prefer and don't mind turning your planner, or not. It's entirely up to you.

I do start my weeks on Monday. For me, Monday's mark the beginning of a new week. It's when my daughter returns to class and my husband returns to work. I try to make Monday's Magic. It is also a Sunday morning ritual for me to sit with my planner and prep the coming week with appointments, date stickers, intentions, etc.

Speaking of....

Adjacent to each weekly page is this supplement page with room for to-do lists, daily gratitud
es, intentions and self care, a daily action tracker (you fill in what you'd like to do--walk, drink water, get on the treadmill 2 times, write....) and a space for your very own Note to self. Each one also features a thoughtful word or phrase at the bottom, very faint in print, but it's there. The wonderful thing about creative planning is if you decide to not use an element from one week to the next, it can easily be collaged over or decorated with washi tape, photos, stickers, etc.

The weekly page is the only page this year with a background. It's very faint, but is meant to inspire doodling with the various shapes. The weekly pages are not dated, but I do offer date stickers in my shop, and there is also a couple PDF downloads for purchase if you don't mind cutting and pasting them in yourself.

If you prefer to journal in your planner, a second listing for a Planning Journal is available. Instead of the weekly supplement page, each week has 4 lined pages (two sheets of paper) with a thoughtful word or phrase printed at the top of the first page. I'd like to squeak in more paper, but when I do it gets awfully tight. At the end of most months you will find another lined page or two. The Planning Journal consists of the monthly calendar, weekly page pictured above and lined pages. It measures 7" x 8.5" and consists of almost 300 pages. It too has vertical monthly pages, but allows you to choose a horizontal layout if you prefer.

And that's a closer look at the new 2016 Motley Planner: oh, what a beauty-full, messy, motley life! If I've been unclear or you have any further questions or suggestions please contact me: syda {at} themotleyturtle {dot} com.

Next up I'll share a little of my own planner pages.

Have a great day!