Monday, December 14, 2015

My Creative Planning Journey

I started creative planning several years ago. I'd tried buying planners. Back in the day I was the girl with a bulky bag, carrying around a Day Runner. After discovering my creativity, I tried making an anal-retentive-left-brain planner that suited me, but never kept up with it. It was too rigid for me. It was too left brain and left me feeling defeated. I was too focused on perfection.

Enter Smash Book. 

The colored pages were perfect for doodling, noting, gluing and taping. That's where I started. My creative planning became a colorful blend of planning, documenting, journaling and scrapbooking/glue booking.

It morphed over time into colorful shapes for daily planning, notes, gratitudes, to-do lists, etc. I spent Sunday mornings sipping my coffee on the deck and doodling in my template; setting intentions. I received so many inquiries about it. I decided to try making planners.

The Perfect Planner

My own handmade planners have changed over time as well. I think I went through three formats over the past year. :) The great thing is, when I make something for me I can share it with you!

I bounce between simpler, quiet layouts and bursting with color layouts. I find that the more I add to the layout, the less I interact with it. I find the doodling and coloring meditative. It's a great way to start the week.

My planners often change in size too. I have made larger 7"x10" planners and smaller 5"x7.5" planners. Earlier this year I sweated over making faux-dori planner inserts. (These never made it to the shop). I've had two page layouts for monthly and weekly pages and I've had one page layouts. I often prefer the one page so that I can fold my planner over and still see the entire month or week. In one of my planners, I had incoorporated a fold-over flap for lists and to-dos.

I sometimes think I will never make the "perfect" planner, but I remind myself that I am always changing and growing and learning and evolving. My planners are too.

A Peek Into My Planner

My current planner was introduced in my last post and can be purchased through my Etsy Shop. If you prefer more room to write and collage, there is a Journaling Planner as well.

Here are a few snapshots of some recent pages in my planner.

I like to collage and glue things into my planner. Collaging & doodling is a great way to fill in space, or cover things up. I have a Polaroid ZINK printer that I use to print photo stickers from my phone. Sometimes I scan and shrink down doodles and art for gluing. I also use stickers I've purchased and made myself. Some of those you see in these photos are available in my Etsy Shop. Date stickers for weekly pages can be found in the Planners section. I also offer a couple of digital downloads you can print, cut and paste yourself. Each of my weekly pages is accompanied by a page with space for gratitudes, to-dos, intentions and notes. I don't always fill in this page for a variety of reasons. I typically will collage larger elements on these pages. Something I might need to hear or be reminded of or want to remember.

If you'd like to see more creative planning photos visit my Motley Creative Planning Album on Flickr.