Friday, November 11, 2016


The other day Effy Wild did a post she called a Purse Dump. This inspired me to do something similar.

I'm going to purge...something....I don't know what. The junk drawer? A lot of stuff has been piling up on me this year. I was almost about to call it a wash; a complete waste. But, it's that time of year...out with the old, in with the new.  

* Depression
* Distractions
* Busy work
* Packing
* Moving
* Unpacking. You can read a bit about the last three here.
* Cramming a 120-130 square foot studio space into a 49 square foot area
* Constantly rearranging things to make living & arting work
* Started pen journaling again
* Read the Divergent Series + a companion book titled Four 
* Reinstated my Ancestry account and got lost in census records
* Lost a friend as she "slithered off" {her words} to her next big adventure

We moved into our new home the beginning of June and I still feel as though I am swimming in piles of stuff. The process is down to the final details, but if not for art journaling, I'd have lost my mind.

ashamed/my story was born/tempted to run away/I tell you 

Last night I couldn't sleep so I signed up for three online art workshops/classes I have had bouncing around my head. I couldn't pick just one so went for it all:: Life Book 2017, The Soul Bearers (this one starts in just a few days), and Let's Face It 2017.